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Apple milk shake

These days temperatures rise severely. I'm usually not happy with summer seasons. I complain a lot about everything during summer. Summer season is one this in this world which turns me off... :@ I usually look for ways where in I could cool my mind :) Just now I thought of having a cool milk shake :) I looked through the refrigerator for an apple. I prepared milk shake out of it :) And I took snaps of it while making it so that I can post it in here :) Pardon me for the poor snapshots.. :( Not very good at capturing images :P But I've tried my best :)

Ingredients: (For two people)

1 Apple

5 tsp sugar

2 glasses of milk


Chop the apples as shown in the snap below.

Add these chopped apples into a blender with sugar and a glass of milk.

Mix all the contents in a blender till it looks like this picture below.

Strain the mixture in a strainer and remove the solids in the mixture. (This is required since there will be small peices of apple skin which won't taste good. Tip: You can peel the apples before chopping them to avoid this step. )

After straining the mixture, you'll get a fine paste. Now add the remaining milk to this and stir well. (No need of using blender now)

Serve chilled. Apple shake is ready to be served :)

Happy cooking :)


I just hope I could explain the recipe elaborately. If you would like to add something, correct me or say something then go ahead :)

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