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Canary melon milk shake / Chippad fruit milk shake

Hello :) Good After noon :) Another recipe prepared by my dad :) It is a milk shake made of melon. In Kannada it is called as chippad in Kannada / Tulu (Canary melon). See picture below.

Melons are of many types. One is as shown in the picture above called as canary melon or yellow melon. It is called as "Chippad" in Kannada and Tulu :) It is white on the inner side with brownish colored seeds. Sorry I forgot take the snap of the cut melon when dad was preparing it. :(
Next time if it is bought I'll take a picture :)

Ingredients (For around 4 glasses)

1 melon
3 glasses of milk
Sugar to taste


Cut the melons into pieces and add sugar, half a glass milk and grind it in a mixer. Next if the mixture is turned into a paste, then, add the remaining milk and grind it. The milk shake will look like as though there is snow at the top layer :) Serve it chilled :) :)

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Happy cooking :)


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