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How to make soft chapatis? (Phulkas)

Welcome again :) On 29th April 2010 I had prepared chapati with banana rasayana. I took the snaps but somehow could not post the recipe. Many a times we complain about the chapatis saying it is just very hard to bite and eat :) Here I give the recipe and some suggestions on how to make soft chapatis which is very easy to swallow :)

Ingredients (For around 12 - 14 chapatis)

2½ cups of wheat flour
1 riped banana
Hot water (To knead the dough)
Ghee / cooking oil
Salt to taste


Take the wheat flour, salt and add a littlt ghee/cooking oil on it (around 3 tsp)

Then add small pieces of banana to the flour.

Now add hot water to the mixture. Don't burn your hands. Mix the mixture with the spoon first since it will be hot. After it becomes a little warm, knead the dough using hands.

Make a dough not too sticky and not to hard. It will look as follows.

Now make chapatis by making small lemon sized balls and rolling it using a rolling pin. If, while rolling, the chapati sticks to to rolling pin, then, add some flour on it, so that it reamains dry and non sticky. Make the chapati thin and not too thick. (The thickness should be not more than around 3 mm :))

Now, heat a frying pan to the max. The pan should be as hot as possible. Place the chapati on the pan. Let it fry on one side for 20 seconds. Flip the chapati to the other side. Keep it for another 15 seconds. Now remove the chapati from the pan using a pair of forceps and place it on direct fire. It will get puffed like a puri :) Do the same on the other side. After this remove the chapati from the fire and smear ghee / oil on the chapati. See to it that you don't burn your hands as well as the chapati.

Serve it with any side dish. I had prepared Banana Rasayana but with a change. I had used Jaggery instead of sugar and coconut milk instead of ordinary milk. It tasted pretty good :) Do try this method. Chapatis done this way are really soft and tasty. Adding hot water and banana adds greater advantage :)

Your suggestions are always welcome :)

Happy cooking :) :) Take care :)


  1. Thanks for the tip you have posted. Balloon like Phulkas look yumm

  2. wish our canteenwala reads this post .. :)

  3. @LG Thanks a ton for visiting here :) I'm glad :) :)

  4. @aak Yes sir :) i too want them to see :) :)

  5. good one. :)


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