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Mango Rasayana

Greetings to everyone :)

I'll be posting Mango Rasayana recipe now. :) It was prepared by my dad. I was only taking photos of the preparation :)

Before diving deep into the recipe, I would like to give you some information on mango selection. These days some Mangoes come adulterated. The adulterated mangoes are not good for our health. It is done so that the mangoes get ripened very soon, but on the other side it poses a threat to health too. Amidst this entire issue how do we differentiate between the adulterated and non adulterated mangoes?

Fake mangoes can be spotted in these ways:

• If they are wrinkled but still green in color.
• If they have brown spots on them.
• If they don’t have a strong fragrance.
• If they don’t have uniform color.

For the rasayana you need to have many sweet mangoes and one sour mango. If you use only sweet mangoes then it would not taste as good as adding one sour mango.
Again in mangoes we have various varieties. I know only few varieties like badam mango, benus mango, raspoori mango (These are all names of the mango varieties in Kannada and Tulu language :)) which could be used to add to the rasayana. Sour mangoes, you can find anywhere, not an issue :)

Here is how the recipe goes.

Ingredients (For around 2 liters of rasayana)

3 to 4 sweet mangoes
1 sour mango
Jaggery to taste (powdered)
Coconut (For preparing coconut milk)


First wash and peel all the mangoes and collect all the pulp in a vessel. Do not waste any amount of pulp. Remove the pulp sticking to the seeds also. And do not throw away the seed. Put it into the same vessel.

You can add a little water if you want. Next you need to add jaggery to it. You can add it as per your choice. I would suggest you not to make it too sweet. It would be better if the taste of the mangoes are more dominating :) Stir the mixture and keep it aside for an hour.

Next you need to prepare coconut milk and add it to the mango pulp.
For the milk, you need to grate an entire coconut and grind it with water. Seive the ground mixture and extract the milk. For the whole grated coconut you need to add around 3 glasses of water.

Add the coconut milk to the mango pulp and jaggery mixture while slowly stiring the mixture.

The rasayana is ready. Serve it chilled. You can serve it with neeru dosas and chapatis :)

Do try it out :)
Happy cooking :) Take care :)


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