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Sweet Pongal

Its been quite a very very long time since I have posted. My last post was during Nagara Panchami. No specific reasons for not posting though ;) I almost broke the flow of blogging. :D :D Before I fully lose in touch, thought of posting something today ;) Truly, it feels really good to be back here.

Sweet pongal is an easy recipe mainly prepared by the Tamilians during festivals, especialy during their pongal festival. Mother decided to make this for Nagara Panchami which was way back in August. :) Nearly two and a half months have passed by. :) And I'm happy that my come back post is a sweet dish. :P

Coming to the preparation.


3/4 cup of Green Gram Dal
1/2 cup if White Rice grains
2 1/2 cups of water
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of Cashew nuts and Dried grapes.
1 tsp of cardomoms (powdered)
2 tbsp of oil/ghee


Wash the rice grains and green gram dal thoroughly.

In a vessel add the washed grains with water and boil it in a pressure cooker. After its boiled it'll look as follows.

Roast the cashewnuts and grapes in Ghee/Oil

Use the remaining oil for making the pongal.

Add the boiled grains into the vessel containing oil.

Mix it well for about 1 minute.

Then add the sugar. And mix well.

The sugar melts and it'll look as follows.

Add cardomom powder and the roasted cashew nuts and grapes. Mix well and the sweet pongal is ready :) yay :)

Happy Cooking to all :) :) :)


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