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Carrot Kheer

Carrot is one of the tastiest and healthiest vegetables of all. It does have an advantage over our eyesight. It is probably one of the vegetables that is used for making sweets too. Who can forget the splendid halwa made out of it?

I tried carrot kheer on my own taking help from my mother. It’s not a new sweet. I presume many of you might have had it quite a number of times.

I’ll share the recipe with you.


3 medium sized carrots
¾ liter of milk
Sugar to taste
¼ cup Milkmaid or 2 tbsp of almond powder
Roasted cashews
5-6 saffron flakes


I took three medium sized carrots and washed and peeled them. Remember that when you prepare anything of carrot, you need to peel off its outer skin.

Then I cut them into pieces. You need not chop them to tiny bits. Just medium sized pieces are enough.

I then put them to boil in a pressure cooker.

After the carrots are boiled and cooled down, I ground the carrots to a fine paste along with milk.

Then I put the paste to boil and added more milk while it was boiling. I then added sugar to taste.

And for the flavor I added a little bit of milkmaid (quarter cup). You can add 2 tbsp of almond powder also as an alternative.

Then bring everything to a boil and add roasted cashews.

Add a few flakes of saffron by mixing it with a teaspoon of hot water.

Serve it chilled. You can serve it when it is warm as well but it tastes better when it is chilled.

Try it out and do give me a feedback. Happy cooking :D :D

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A Warm Welcome

Dear friends,

A very warm welcome to my new site. It is indeed a pleasure for me to have you visit my space where I have decided to share some of my experiences in my favorite place at home i.e. my mother’s kitchen. Although I am not a very good cook, but still I believe I can make one. ;) It’s a learning experience be it anything in this world. I’m a lover of paintings and its one my favorite hobbies too. And I think you all agree with the fact that cooking is also an art. The art of impressing someone by cooking is what all the ladies want to achieve ;)

I believe that the best gift one can give to someone is by preparing something really good to eat. But yes, what you prepare does not matter but with how much of love you’ve prepared it, that matters more.

As I’m just learning the basics of cooking I would love start off with simple food itself. But before I do that, just for celebrating my new hobby, I’m posting a sweet dish as the first recipe of this site. So do try out these recipes and post your suggestions and comments.

Thank you once again.

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