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Ice cream dessert / My experiments with ice cream

Ice creams are probably the most loved dessert by all age groups. I even see elderly people long for ice creams :) I just admire the way ice creams are. Cool by temperature, Quick while melting, a soft texture, a wonderful taste and so on :) Today's recipe is something which I tried on the spot as soon as I reached home from college :) It is summer now and my Dad usually gets home the Mangalorean Ideal ice cream family pack :) He too feels the urge of having ice creams these days :)

I made this quick dessert and learnt several lessons from it since I was trying it for the first time :) I'll share certain tips at the end of this post. For now let me start off with the recipe making :)

Ingredients: (For a single person)

3 scoops Ice cream (preferably family pack, any flavour will do)
2 Chocolate bars (Cadbury dairy milk or any other dark chocolate)
1-2 Butter biscuits
4-5 whole Cashew nuts
1 medium sized Banana


Crush the butter biscuits to powder. Let some of the biscuit be in chunks. Chop the bananas. Melt the chocolate. (I've mentioned the way to melt chocolate in the later part of this post.) Chop the cashews and roast them. Keep these things ready before hand.

Now, take a bowl which can hold at least 3 scoops of ice cream. Add the chopped bananas.

Next add only some of the crushed biscuits.

Next you need to cut shards of chocolate using a knife and put it over the crushed biscuits.

Next, add 3 scoops of ice cream, and on top of it add remaining crushed biscuits. Add the remaining chocolate shards. Then add the melted chocolate. You need to add one whole bar of melted chocolate. Then add the fried cashew nuts. The yummy dessert is ready to be relished!!! I still can't forget its taste. :)

How to melt chocolate?

Boil water in a container. Keep the chocolate pieces in another bowl much smaller than that of the first one. Keep the smaller bowl floating on the boiling water and it starts melting. DO NOT MELT THE CHOCOLATE DIRECTLY OVER FLAME. IT BURNS AND GIVES AN AWFUL SMELL. ( You can add 2 to 3 spoons of milk for a bar of dairy milk chocolate.)

Banana + chocolate

I had actually come across many recipes that mix chocolate and banana. But I used to not find the combination good. I didn't know how the taste would be. I used to deny the that it would taste good! But today after I tried this combo I just fell in love with the taste. :) It gave a good flavour altogether. Do try this out :)

Happy cooking :)


  1. looks nice.. and you are really experimenting a lot.. Hope at home nobody is scolding you that u r experimenting on them..;)

  2. @neelihoovu Thank you :) Nobody scolds me. Thats the best part :)


I just hope I could explain the recipe elaborately. If you would like to add something, correct me or say something then go ahead :)

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