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Pratiba's Wish List

Hi all :D I've to share with you, all the dishes I want to post within the next three months :) You can call it my wish list. But they are no specific order. :) So here goes. :)

1.  Vegetable cutlet
2.  Coconut burfi
3.  Dhokla
4.  Mysore pak
5.  Cauliflower side dish / fry
6.  Samosa
7.  Potato chips / wafers
8.  Potato side dish / fry (Second type)
9.  Rasagulla
10. Vermicelli kheer
11. Chapathi stuffed with potato 
12. A side dish for chapathis and puris (Made of coriander leaves 
    and spices)
13. Bisi bele bath
14. French fries
15. Kosambri / Kusumbri
16. All milk shakes that I know to prepare
17. Sandwich
18. Onion bajji / Eerulli baje
19. Potato mosaru bajji / Potato mixed with yogurt 

I'll be linking the items to their respective recipes each time I write for them :)


  1. so u r interested in cooking...good..saw ur rasayana...i think it would be better if v use jaggery,as it is healthier than sugar,also instead of milk,i would prefer coconut milk..of course its time consuming!!!!

  2. @ash @ash Thank you so much :) :) Yeah many of them have suggested the same. So I just tried it out on Sunday with jaggery :) It tasted good. Gave much better taste :) Coconut milk yet to try :)


I just hope I could explain the recipe elaborately. If you would like to add something, correct me or say something then go ahead :)

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