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Chocolate milk shake

Good evening :) I’ll be posting the recipe of chocolate milk shake.
Usually it is prepared with cocoa powder. But I prefer making it using melted chocolate. The real chocolate taste is felt by using melted chocolate. And for making it special I added ice cream at the top :) It is optional, but if you do, then it becomes tastier. You can use any chocolate found in shops. But it should be the cocoa chocolate. Don’t use chocolates that have caramel and all. It is ok if the chocolate has nuts or some bit of dry fruits.

The recipe goes as follows.

Ingredients (For a single glass)

40-50 grams chocolate
2 tsp sugar
¾ glass milk
1 scoop of ice – cream (Any flavor)


First you need to melt chocolate. Do not melt the chocolate directly under flame. You need to take chocolate in a small bowl.

Add little bit of milk (4 spoons) and place that small bowl floating on a bowl of boiling water.

The chocolate starts melting. Add sugar into this mixture and let it melt on its own.

You can stir the mixture using any spoon stirer. it'll become a fine paste as shown below.

Let the chocolate come to a boil.

Now remove the chocolate from the heat and add it to a glass. Add the remaining milk to the glass and stir it. Keep it in the refrigerator for cooling.

After cooling, add ice cream into the milk shake. It'll float at the top :)

Serve it chilled :)

Do try this and give me your feedback !! :)

Take care :) Till I write :)

Happy cooking :)


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