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Finger chips

Yesterday I prepared these finger chips as you can see in the above picture. It is very simple. :) Easy to make :) It falls under the category of junk food generally :) But having it once in a while is negligible :)

There is a difference between the finger chips and french fries. In french freies we freeze the potatoes for about 1 or 2 days to make it stiff. finger chips its not required. :)

The method to prepare finger chips

Ingredients (For one full plate of finger chips as shown above)

1 large potato
cooking oil (for deep frying)
1 tsp of red chilli powder
Salt to taste


Take the potato, peel off the outer brown skin.

Cut the potatoes into long strips as shown in the pictures below.

Deep fry the potao strips in very hot oil. [The oil should be bubbling hot]

After it gets yellowish brown remove it from the oil. Place it on a tissue paper to remove the excess oil.

Now add red chilly powder and salt to taste.

Finger chips is ready to eat. :)
Do try this :)
Take care till I write :)
Happy cooking :)


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  2. @Anonymous: Could you please correct me. It would be nice of you if you do. :)


I just hope I could explain the recipe elaborately. If you would like to add something, correct me or say something then go ahead :)

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