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Ice cream dessert / My experiments with ice cream - II

Good morning again :) I'll be sharing an ice - cream recipe just tried yesterday while I had prepared Mango rasa :)

Dad had bought a family pack ice - cream from Ideal's :) It is butter scotch flavor :) You can take any flavor for making this ice - cream :) I don't know how well it goes with chocolate flavor, but other flavors will go really well with this :) (Best would be Vanilla, Pista, Butter scotch)

Let me take you straight to the method :)

Ingredients (For a single cup shown in the above picture)

2 scoops of ice cream
Any biscuit
4 tbsp Mango rasa / Aam ras / Mango milk shake


First powder around half a buiscuit into a bowl in which you will have the ice - cream.

Then add 2 scops (Or more) of ice - cream and add the 4 tbsp Mango rasa / Aam ras / Mango milk shake over it as shown below.

Then add the remaining powdered buiscuit on top of it and serve :) I didn't expect it to be good but yet it tasted divine when I had it yesterday :)

Do try it out :)

Happy cooking :) Take care :)


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