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Mango milk shake / Mango Rasa / Aam ras

Good Morning :) Now I'll be posting the recipe of Mango milk shake or mango rasa in Kannada / Tulu :) You can make it using any knid of riped mango, but I used baganapalli mango / benas mango. It is really really very very tasty mango. It costed 20 Rs per mango :) Picture of the mango is shown below :)

Okie :) so now let us move ahead to learn the recipe :)

Ingredients (For 2-3 Glasses)

1 baganapalli / benus mango
2½ glasses of milk
Sugar to taste (Depends on the sweetness of mango too)


First cut the mangoes. You can keep the skin or you can peel it off also. I actually kept the skin as it is, because the skin of this particular mango is edible and very soft.

After this, put all the pieces in a mixie along with sugar. You can add sugar as per your choice. Some like it very sweet and some don't. But I still would suggest you saying that it is better if you put less sugar so that the taste of mango is more obvious. Grind it with a little bit of milk.

Keep adding the remaining milk little by little while grinding

Then add the remaining milk and grind well :)

The mango milk shake is ready :) Serve it chilled always :) I'll be posting another ice - cream recipe next. It makes use of the same mango milk shake. :)

Do try out this :) I'm sure you will not want to miss this during summer :)

HAppy cooking :) Take care :)


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